Indian officer killed in Kashmir

Indian officer killed in Kashmir
24 Jun

An Indian plainclothes police officer has been killed in the Indian-controlled Kashmir’s main city of Srinagar.

Mohammad Ayub Pandith was killed by a crowd outside the main mosque in Srinagar late on Thursday night.

Pandith, who was reportedly taking pictures of the crowd on his cell phone, was asked by worshipers to identify himself, according to witnesses at the scene. He panicked and drew out a pistol and started firing, shooting three civilians, according to the witnesses.

A number of people then subdued him and beat him to death.

Police chief S.P. Vaid said those behind the killing had been arrested.

Meanwhile, the Pakistani military says an Indian citizen who has reportedly confessed to spying for India in Pakistan has filed a mercy petition with the chief of army staff.

Authorities said the Indian agent, Kulbhushan Jadhav, confessed to being assigned by India’s intelligence service to organize espionage and sabotage in Pakistan’s Balochistan “aiming to destabilize and wage war against Pakistan.”

This image shows a Kashmiri protester throwing back a teargas canister at Indian government forces during clashes in Srinagar on June 9, 2017. (By AFP)

A former Indian naval officer, Jadhav was arrested last year in Pakistan’s southwestern province of Baluchistan, the site of a long-running conflict between the Pakistan military and pro-independence militants.

Jadhav has admitted his involvement in espionage, Pakistan said.

India, however, dismissed the spying claim.

India and Pakistan are at loggerheads over Kashmir, each claiming the disputed Muslim-majority territory in its entirety.

Anti-India sentiments run deep among the Kashmiri population.

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