British people strongly object Trump state visit: Analyst

British people strongly object Trump state visit: Analyst
05 Jul

Britons are strongly opposed to a state visit by US President Donald Trump because the “arrogant bully and demented clown” is a major backer of terrorism, a political analyst in London says.

“The British people do not want Trump coming anywhere in the British Isles. Trump is a mixture of arrogant bully and demented clown. That mixture is perhaps the most dangerous mixture that can be,” Dr. Rodney Shakespeare told Press TV on Tuesday.

“Trump is backing the source of terrorism in Saudi Arabia,” Shakespeare said. “And in doing so, he has unleashed Saudi aggression already, a very dangerous force.”

“Saudi Arabia is behind the Takfiri forces in Syria, it is involved in the military occupation of Bahrain, it is involved in a genocidal onslaught on the poorest country in the world, which is Yemen,” he added.

“And Saudis now are trying to make an attack on Qatar. These Saudis want to block-out Al Jazeera, and in particular they want to grab the financial resources of Qatar and Trump is behind that and with it.”

Trump is deeply unpopular in Britain, and he would probably face wide-scale protests during a visit to the country. Recent surveys have found that more than half of people in the UK believe Trump is a threat to global stability.

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Trump has no plans to visit Britain in the near future, although he may still change his mind, according to a White House official, rejecting new reports that Trump was considering a quick visit to the UK next week.

Many activists in the UK, including some members of Parliament and trade unions, have vowed to hold the largest demonstrations in British history during any state visit by the US leader.

Last month, two administration officials said Trump was considering postponing or scrapping a visit to Britain this year amid intense backlash over comments he made about London Mayor Sadiq Khan after the recent terrorist attack in London.

“The USA of course is expansionist and pushing against every other country,” Shakespeare said. “It has got Russia surrounded with bases. It has got Iran surrounded by 40 bases and it has got right up against China,” he said.

“And you can be sure that the British people will take the strongest objection to someone who is supporting terrorism, supporting the forces of evil, and doing his very best trying to stimulate what might even become a third world war.”

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