Espanol / English Bangladeshi activist calls for diplomatic relations with Israel

Espanol  / English  Bangladeshi activist calls for diplomatic relations with Israel
11 Jul

Members of the Hindu community in Bangladesh have sent a letter to Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urging him to establish a strong relationship with Bangladeshi Hindus.

At a time when countries in the Middle East are looking to open new diplomatic avenues with Israel, sources in Bangladesh revealed that a petition was sent to the Israeli prime minister through Mendi Safadi, a former aide to a Druze Likud deputy cabinet minister and who was accused last year by authorities in Bangladesh of being a Mossad agent.

In the letter, which appears to take advantage of last week’s visit by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, himself a Hindu nationalist, the head of a Hindu activists group (Hindu Struggle Committee), Shipan Kumer Basu, appealed to Netanyahu to support their anti-discrimination campaign against the ruling Awai League Party.

Accusing the Bangladeshi prime minster of giving “ISIS [Daesh] a stronghold in Bangladesh”, he demanded that Bangladesh apologise to Israel for cutting diplomatic ties since its formation especially as Israel was “very helpful” to the Bangladeshi people.

Writing in the Times of Bengal, Basu made a request to US President Donald Trump and Netanyahu to keep the struggle of Bangladeshi Hindus “in mind”.

Basu professed gratitude to Safadi for initiating “an international campaign” against oppression of minorities in Bangladesh.

Commenting yesterday about the persecution of the Jewish people which he claims made them acutely aware of the suffering of others he wrote: “Israel has a history of helping people who are in distress throughout the world. Israel is a country full of talent and has vast expertise.”

Basu called on the Israeli prime minister to “empower” the minorities in Bangladesh believing that it could “open up channels with Israel and establish full diplomatic ties”.

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