US F-15 fighter jet reportedly crashes into the sea

US F-15 fighter jet reportedly crashes into the sea
11 Jun

An American F-15 fighter jet has reportedly crashed into the sea off Okinawa in southern Japan.

According to initial reports by Japan’s Kyodo news agency and public broadcaster NHK, the jet was from the Kadena airbase in Okinawa.

The F 15 Eagle aircraft crashed some 80 kilometers south of Naha city in the island’s south at around 6.40am local time Monday.

Kadena Air Base@KadenaAirBase

Around 0636 this morning, a Kadena F-15C Eagle crashed in the
water south of Okinawa. The pilot successfully ejected and was safely recovered
by Search and Rescue teams. @USAirForce @PacificCommand @USForcesJapan @PACAF @KadenaAirBase_J

It was not immediately clear whether the pilot managed to save himself via ejecting the from the jet.

Other reports said that the pilot suffered a broken leg and was taken to a nearby US naval hospital by helicopter.

Some 18,000 Americans work at Kadena Air Base, which is the largest US military base in Japan.

Kadena Air Base@KadenaAirBase

The 18th WG operates HH-60 Pave Hawks, F-15 Eagles, E-3 Sentries & KC-135 Stratotankers. securing the

The incident took place as US president Donald Trump was East Asia for talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

A window fell from a US helicopter onto a school sports field near a US Marines air base on Okinawa late last year, renewing anxietyin Japan over safety.

The locals are specifically concerned about potential noise pollution, and safety and environmental hazards.

According to US Forces Japan, nearly half of 100,000 US troops in Japan reside on Okinawa.

Multiple cases of misconduct by US forces, involving several rape cases, have raised anti-American sentiment among the pacifist islanders.

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