Delhi ! Jilted lover shoots his girlfriend after breakup, arrested

Delhi ! Jilted lover shoots his girlfriend after breakup, arrested
05 Aug

New Delhi: In a shocking incident, a woman was shot by her boyfriend who barged into her house in Ashok Vihar area on Saturday night. After shooting the girl, the accused managed to escaped from the spot, however, he was later found and arrested by the Delhi police. The whole incident was recorded in a CCTV cameras that were installed in the streets.

The footage clearly showed the man running away from the girl’s house soon after the incident. Meanwhile, the girl has been admitted to the hospital. She was kept in the ICU for treatment and it has been reported that she is now out of danger.

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Delhi: A man shot at a girl after barging into her house in Ashok Vihar area earlier tonight. The girl has been admitted to a hospital. More details awaited.

As per eyewitness Advocate Karmesh Sharma, the man shot the woman and immediately ran away from the spot. Sharma was quoted as saying, “While working, we heard a fire-cracker like sound in the area. On checking the CCTV of my office, we noticed a man running away. We immediately came out and saw dogs barking incessantly, after which we heard a woman wailing in pain. On reaching the house, we saw a magazine, blood on the floor and an old lady.” “We even tried to chase the man but couldn’t nab him. He had been waiting outside the house for about 10 minutes,” he added.

Why did man shoot the woman?

The jilted lover has been identified as Harish who was revolted after his breakup with the woman and decided to take this big step. Both the accused and the victim knew each other well and were in the relationship for the last 5 years. However, a few days back when the girl got engaged with somebody else, this infuriated her lover after which he started blackmailing her.

He had been stalking the victim for long and the victim had complained about it in her office in Gurugram as well, as per the report. Last night, he decided to forcefully enter the victim’s house and shoot her.

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