New disclosure on Vaibhav Rout of Sanatan Sanstha: The accused was arrested along with 20 bombs in the raids of ATS

New disclosure on Vaibhav Rout of Sanatan Sanstha: The accused was arrested along with 20 bombs in the raids of ATS
11 Aug

Mumbai: Vaibhav Raut, suspected member of Sanatan Sanstha, was arrested yesterday by Anti Terrorist Ravakh (ATS) from Nalasopara near Mumbai. 20 country-made bombs and about 50 bombs could be recovered from his house and shops. It is alleged that Vaibhav was plotting to shake Mumbai, Pune, Solapur and Satara.
12 bombs and more than 50 bombs
With 12 bombs from Rout shop, so much material has been found that more than 50 bombs can be made. Two gelatin rods, four electronic detonators, five non-electronic detonators, 150 grams of white powder and 10 batteries were also found from Raut. According to ATS sources, Rout was being monitored for several days after which he was raided at his house last night.
Many questions arising from the arrest
The arrest of Vaibhav Rout and the recovery of bombs from him raised many questions. Where did this bomb come from Rout? Which plot was to be used for them? Who is involved in conspiracy with Vaibhav Rout? In the initial inquiries, ATS has received some of the answers to these questions, which are shocking, and to whom it reveals how dangerous the dreams of Vaibhav Raut were.
Maharashtra’s plan to move
ATS also arrested Vaibhav Raut and his two associates Sharad Kalaskar and Sudhna Gondhalekar. In all three inquiries, it was revealed that they were intent on terror attacks in many areas of Maharashtra, including areas like Mumbai, Pune, Satara, Sangli and Nalasopara. According to ATS sources, Vaibhav Raut was working for Sanatan Sanstha. However, he was not officially a member of the institution.
Gaurakshak was Rawat
Raut’s friends show that he used to do social work in the area and was involved in activities related to protecting cattle. Those who knew him were not aware of the fact that they are preparing to carry out any intimidation. Sunil Ghanvat, Sanatan Sansthan member, says, “This is the shop from where Vaibhav Raut was managing his father’s real estate business. In the eyes of the villagers, Vaibhav Raut is an enthusiastic young man who lived in the work of religion. In addition to the wife there is a son and daughter. ”
Sanatan Sanstha has overtaken the rescue
After the arrest of Vaibhav, Sanatan Sansthan issued the statement and said that he is not a member of it. But the organization has also fallen into its defense. Sanatan Sanstha has opposed ATS’s action and said that Vaibhav Raut has been implicated for political reasons. Even though Sanatan Sanstha is not telling Vaibhav Rout as his member, his claim can not be taken away.
It is a very infamous Sanatan Sanstha
Rout Govans was a member of the Defense Committee, who works with Sanatan Sanstha. Apart from this, Sanatan Sanstha has come to the rescue of Vaibhav Raut and is giving legal help to him, Sanatan Sanstha is also coming under suspicion. Even though Sanatan Sanstha is trying to keep itself separate from this case, in such cases, the names of Sanatan Sanstha have already come. The people of Sanatan Sanstha have been charged with bomb blasts, killing, and separating from their families by hypnotizing the youth. Due to these cases many demands have been made to ban Sanatan Sanstha many times.
In this case, ATS has arrested Vaibhav Raut along with two other people named Sharad Kalaskar and Sudhnaa Gondhalekar, who have been accused of helping to build bombs. The ATS is now exploring CCTV around the house of Vaibhav Raut, who was supposed to come to her. UAPA ie illegal activities have been enacted on all the three arrested persons. All the accused were presented in the Sessions Court where the court sent them to the ATS custody till August 18.

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