Kerala: So far 357 deaths from floods and rains,

Kerala: So far 357 deaths from floods and rains,
19 Aug

New Delhi: Floods and rains are continuing in Kerala. The state’s crisis can be estimated from the fact that 357 people have died so far. 44 rivers in Kerala battling the worst flood of 100 years. Water is being overflowed on 35 dams out of 39 dams in the state. Relief and rescue operations are ongoing for the flood victims. Coast Guard saved the innocent 10 days and his mother in Kadungalur.
Biggest operation till date
All the three armies and NDRF teams are engaged in rescue work on war footing. NDRF has secured more than 10 thousand people from different parts of Kerala, which is suffering from rain and floods. Air force deployment has been done to help in flood affected areas of Kerala. The army is delivering food and relief supplies. 58 teams of NDRF are running rescue operations in Kerala. Nearly three lakh people in Kerala were kept in relief camps. According to NDRF, this is the biggest relief and rescue operation in the country so far.

Central Government gives 600 million
Prime Minister Narendra Modi also made an airport tour to take stock of the situation in Kerala. With this, the Prime Minister has given an additional amount of 500 crores for Kerala too. Earlier, Home Minister Rajnath Singh had said that the amount of Rs 100 crore would be given.

Other states coming forward for help
Seeing the destruction of floods in Kerala, the country has extended hands to the other states for the help of Kerala. Bihar government has declared 10 crores, Jharkhand 5, UP 15 crores, Punjab Rs 10 crores, Maharashtra Rs 20 crores. Simultaneously, the Aam Aadmi Party MP and MLA will pay a month’s salary for the help of flood victims in Kerala, the Delhi government has also announced to give 10 crores rupees.
UAE’s committee will work for help
United Arab Emirates (UAE) has formed a committee which will help the flood affected people of Kerala. Vice President Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Mokshum has also announced this on Twitter. They have appealed to all the people of Kerala to help.
Social media support
People stranded in the flood and their families are making a video on social media and are looking forward to help. In a Whatsapp video, a six-year-old child was found hanging on one place and looking forward to help. He is saying, “We do not have food and do not drink water. please help us.”
United Nations Secretary-General voiced concerns about devastation
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guteras expressed sorrow over the devastation caused by the horrific floods in Kerala. Kerala is facing the most horrific floods in the last 100 years. Nearly 80 dams in the state have had to leave the water after their water level exceeded their capacity. 3.14 lakh people have been taken to relief camps.

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