Spain will continue importing Iranian oil

Spain will continue importing Iranian oil
19 Aug

Spain’s oil company has announced that, without considering the threats of sanctions from the United States, Iran’s oil will remain in the market.

According to the Sputnik News Agency report, Spanish oil company Sprinko has said that despite the sanctions imposed by the United States, it will continue its activities in Iran.

Carlos Toledo, head of the Public Relations Department of the company, said that his company has started activities in Iran since 2013 and due to the US sanctions, the company has an appropriate opportunity to increase the scope of its operations in Iran.

The European Union has also supported the European companies operating in Iran, by implementing the law to protect European companies from sanctions.

US President Donald Trump has ordered the ban on Iran after leaving JCPO, and the Trump government claims that it will zero to Iran’s oil exports after the oil restrictions that will be effective from 4 November.

Large buyers of Iranian oil like China have announced that they will continue to buy oil from Iran.

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