Ardogan : will not bow to US threats

Ardogan : will not bow to US threats
19 Aug

The Turkish President once again emphasized that Ankara is not going to bend in the context of American threats.

According to Alzazeera TV channel report, Turkish President Rajab Tayyab Ardogan, reacting to threats from America against Ankara, said on Saturday that his country, in front of him who calls itself a strategic partner, has made Turkey a strategic goal, Will never bow down.

Be aware that the President of the USA has recently doubled the taxes imposed on Turkey and Alamunium, which are imported from Turkey. In response to this, Turkey has also doubled the customs duty on imports from USA. The Trump Administration has doubled the tax on Ottoman products exported to the US. 50 percent tax on steel and iron to be exported from Turkey to USA has been imposed.

The United States is demanding the release of a pastor who has been arrested in connection with terrorists in Turkey. Turkey has refused to release Andrew Branson.

Tensions on the United States and Turkey relations, arrest of American cleric Andrew Branson on behalf of Turkey, have been strained for terrorism. On the proceedings of Ankara, Washington banned 2 Turks, and in response Turkey also banned two US officials.

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