New twist in US-Turkish tension

New twist in US-Turkish tension
20 Aug

Among the tensions in Turkey-USA, some large US military officials have expressed their readiness to expel Turkey’s Injarkan air hostess.

According to the newspaper “Array Alakuvait” published by Kuwait, some American sources said in this interview with the newspaper that the US Department of Defense has said that if Ankara asked to vacate the Injarkan Cantonment, then it is ready for it.

According to this report, these sources said that the US will spend only on its central forces on the cantonments located in Kuwait and Qatar.

The American government, who was arrested in Turkey on August 1, 2018, without the release of American pastor Andrew Branson, who has been arrested in the charge of espionage, and the United States claims to have been accused of wrongdoing, Turkey and the laws of this country The ministers have been banned. After that, the United States started an economic war against Ankara by increasing custom duty on some items imported from Turkey. The Ottoman government also opposed US policies, increased custom duty on some items imported from the United States, and accused Washington of using it as a racket.

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