American Pastor’s Appearance Arrested in Turkey!

American Pastor’s Appearance Arrested in Turkey!
21 Aug

This time in Turkey, arrests in Turkey are a portrait of American pastor Andrew Brosnan, in which he is wearing a gold brick wearing military uniforms.

This picture was taken during the US military attack on Iraq. After the viral picture on the social media, a ruckus broke out and everyone is keeping their thoughts on this pastor in America. It is being discussed on social media that this pastor is an agent of the USA Intelligence Agency and an important figure is that the US has agreed to abandon its one important constituent and the NATO member.

The United States is demanding the release of a pastor who has been arrested in connection with terrorists in Turkey. Turkey has refused to release Andrew Branson. Tensions on the United States and Turkey relationship, arrest of American pastor Andrew Branson on behalf of the Turkish, were taken to arrest terrorism.
It is a matter between the years 2004 – 2010 when the American pastor was involved in the US Marin’s squad that had entered into Baghdad with the Special Forces. This squad was responsible for the occupation of Iraq’s private and public property, which included important dictatorships of Iraq’s former dictator Saddam and Iraq.

The US government fears that Turkey’s intelligence agency may have been in such a situation that it could disturb the United States.
The Ottoman government accused the American pastor of spying and actions in the interests of Kurdistan Works Party. The famous portrait of American pastor Andrew Brosnan is viral on social media, in which he is seen to have a gold brick in Central Bank during the Iraq war.

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