Rahul Gandhi in London – Next election between BJP vs. other, Comparison of RSS to Muslim Brotherhood

Rahul Gandhi in London – Next election between BJP vs. other, Comparison of RSS to Muslim Brotherhood
25 Aug

New Delhi: Congress President Rahul Gandhi is on a foreign trip these days, Rahul is not leaving any chance to attack the Modi government, BJP and RSS from foreign soil. The Congress president, who arrived in London from Germany, compared the ASS to Egypt’s banned outfit Muslim Brotherhood, saying that the next election would be between the BJP and the rest of the parties. Rahul Gandhi took the opportunity to target the Modi government on Rafael Deal in London. Rahul Gandhi was addressing students at the London School of Economics
2019 elections will be in BJP vs all parties: Rahul Gandhi
In the London School of Economics, Congress President Rahul Gandhi said that the next election will be in BJP vs. all the parties. The reason for this is that many constitutional institutions have been attacked. Rahul Gandhi said that the Congress’s first priority was to defeat the BJP and prevent encroachment of constitutional institutions. Rahul Gandhi said that we are fighting against the attack on the Constitution, the whole opposition agrees that we have to stop the spread of poison. Rahul Gandhi said, “The important thing is that I work in democracy. I was attacked by what I learned and now you can see what I brought.
Modi government on Rafael’s issue
The Congress president, who raised the issue of Rafael Deal from Road to Parliament, attacked a lot in London about this deal. Rahul Gandhi said that in Rafael Deal, the country’s largest contract of Defense was given to Anil Ambani, who had a debt of 45 thousand crores and did not make any aircraft.
Rahul Gandhi said, “The government company HAL has the experience of making fighter aircraft like MiG, Sukhoi and Jaguar, we were paying the price of 520 crores per ship but Modi ji paid 520 crores per ship to 1600 crores.Contact HAL Anil Ambani, who was immersed in a debt of Rs 4,500 crore, had no experience in making the aircraft and the company was also created a week ago, and the media in India is not raising the issue.
Unemployment issue raised in London after Berlin
After Berlin, Rahul Gandhi raised money for unemployment in India in London Addressing the students, Rahul Gandhi said that there is a bigger problem of jobs in India, but the government is not ready to accept it. Rahul Gandhi said that the problem of employment is like a disaster, which can be solved. Earlier, the government would have to believe that this is really a problem. While comparing India to China, Rahul Gandhi said that while 50,000 new youth are getting jobs in every 24 hours in China, only 450 young people are getting employment in India.
Speak at Dokalam – still there are Chinese soldiers
Rahul Gandhi also surrounded PM Modi at Dokalam. He said that PM Modi made Dugalam an event, whereas the security related procedures were closely monitored and the docamal dispute could be avoided. The truth is that there is still a Chinese army in Dokalam. On the relations with Pakistan, Rahul took the side of Modi with his hand. He said that the Modi government has no deeply thought-provoking strategy on relations with Pakistan. Talking to him is difficult because there is no top institution in there.
Comparison of RSS to Muslim Brotherhood
In London, Rahul Gandhi has targeted the RSS and said that RSS wants to capture Indian institutions. He said, “RSS is trying to change the nature of India. Other parties never attacked India’s institutions. The RSS thinks like the Muslim Brotherhood of Arab countries. “The Congress President said,” BJP and RSS are dividing our own people. They are creating hatred in our country. Our job is to bring people together and move the country forward. We have shown how this can be done. ”
MPs do not have the right to make laws: Rahul Gandhi
Raising the issue of limited rights of MPs in Parliament, Rahul Gandhi said, “There is a level of debate in the country’s parliament, the law is making the Prime Minister’s Office and the officials. Why the debate of Parliament of India is low level? Despite very capable MPs there is no good debate, noisy is more. You would be surprised to know that the level of debate in the 1950s was very high. MPs do not have the right to make laws today. The law is making the prime minister, minister and some officials. “

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