Increased conflicts in US and China on one another

Increased conflicts in US and China on one another
25 Aug

Both the United States and China have imposed 25 percent of each other’s goods worth $ 16 billion each.

US imposed a 25 percent duty on Chinese goods worth $ 16 billion Under this duty, 279 products of China were targeted, including chemicals, plastics, railway equipment and other goods. On the other hand, China also imposed a 25 percent fee of $ 16 billion on 333 US goods. Items included in the scope of the tariff include fuel, medical equipment, buses and other items.

White House spokesman Lidse Walters said in a statement that the two-day talks between the US and China delegations were concluded. During negotiations, discussions on how to achieve reciprocity in economic relations, fairness, balance and economic relations were discussed.

Lidse Walters said that structural issues were discussed in China, including intellectual property, technology transfer policies. China’s Commerce Minister said in Beijing that he has filed a complaint in the World Trade Organization regarding the latest US charges. Be aware that negotiations between officials of both countries to conclude on their business relation without any success were concluded on Thursday.

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