Bashar Assad gave Bin Salman’s reply: Answer: Iran will not leave with

Bashar Assad gave Bin Salman’s reply: Answer: Iran will not leave with
26 Aug

In the Lebanese parliament, a Hizbullah MP has told that the Syrian President has given a brief reply to the Saudi Arabian diplomat about breaking the relationship with Iran.

In the Lebanese parliament, Hizbullah MP Nawawaf Almusavi has told that the President of Syria had immediately turned down the offer of bin Salman, the lifetime of the country and the rebuilding of Syria, in exchange for breaking relations with Iran and Hizbullah. He told that when a message carrier from Saudi Arabia had traveled to Damascus and had met President Bashar Asad and offered him a big offer, he had canceled the proposal without hesitating for a moment. Alamusvi said that on the basis of this proposal of Muhammad bin Salman Bashar could always be the President of Syria and he had no need for political and legal reforms in Syria.


The Hizbullah MP said that the message carrier of Saudi Arabia’s Yousuf had said that his country would remain committed to rebuilding the whole of Syria and Bashad Assad would remain the Syrian President forever, but for this, he would be able to relate his relations with Iran and Hizbullah. Must have to finish completely. Nawaf almusavi said that Bashad Assad had immediately rejected this proposal, but despite this the proposal was pending for him for three months, but he did not even look at it and he ended the matter forever.

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