Yemen: Yemeni forces target Dubai airport with a drone

Yemen: Yemeni forces target Dubai airport with a drone
28 Aug

The drone unit of Yemen’s army and self-help forces has targeted the Dubai airport with the summit-3 drone.

According to Almasira TV report, Yemeni army deputy speaker Aziz Rashid said that on Monday, Dubai airspace was targeted by the summit-3 drone in the United Arab Emirates under a special operation. He said that this action is the second warning after the attack on Saudi Arabia’s Aramco oil company in Riyaz. He warned the encroachment of the Saudi coalition and said that with the long stretch of war in Yemen, ballistic mezzo and drone capacity of Yemeni forces will also increase and they will continue to achieve their economic and strategic goals.


Yemeni forces also targeted the venue of the meeting of the Saudi Pittu in the city of Yemen, in Al-Baza, on Sunday. Yemeni army spokesman Sharf Lukman also said after the drone attack of Yemen at Dubai airport that the entire United Arab Emirates is in the range of Yemeni forces. He said that in spite of all the tips and actions of the gesture, Yemen’s Mezial and Drones are capable of targeting all the targets of the United Arab Emirates.

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