Iran is making a victim of media war: IRIB chief

Iran is making a victim of media war: IRIB chief
28 Aug

The Head of Radio and TV Institution of Iran has said that at this time Iran is engaged in a major media and mental warfare with enemies and should be against this media war.

Abdul Ali Ali Askari said that the enemy is in the effort of “armed peace” and the goal of the enemy’s actions against Iran is to bring harm to the unity of the people of this country. He said that today’s world is a world of communication but the world’s media is working on three fronts, either it is the media of imperialism, or the media of resistance or is active in the form of fair media.


The IRIB chief said that the media of the enemy and imperialist front is trying to show its false and hollow power in the form of big power and is using every kind of handcuffs to spoil the image of the competitive media. Ali Askari said that in the last few years, the enemy has made every possible attempt to harm Iran’s radio and TV institution IRIB and for this it has started 290 Radio and TV channels of Persian language and activated social media too. So that the Iranian people can be disappointed by mental proceedings. He said that the media of the resistance front is responsible for the fact that he continues to open the poles of imperialist media.

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