America : Muslim girl abused at American airport

America : Muslim girl abused at American airport
29 Aug

America, which claims to teach and teach the lessons of so-called freedom and human rights to the whole world, has now become the country with the highest human rights violations.

According to the latest report, in the US capital Washington, airport officials misbehaved with a 27-year-old Muslim girl and behaved badly during security checks. The girl has suffered mental and physical shock due to misbehavior on the airport, which has caused her family to take her to the doctor.

News Agency Tasnim has reported from the US News website, Huffington Post that the 27-year-old Zainab Merchant, living in the US state of Florida, recently visited the Washington D.C. by the airport security forces as soon as he saw it in the hijab The Red Gout pointed towards the gate and then commented on him as a racist and started searching for him. Zainab said that during the search, the security personnel were constantly commenting on his hijab and abused him as well.

Zainab said that the extent had elapsed when the airport security officials asked him to walk in a special room and then he did that which I can not forget till the last breath of life.

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