Will Syria be confronted by big powers? 13 Russian warships arrive in Syria a week ..

Will Syria be confronted by big powers? 13 Russian warships arrive in Syria a week ..
29 Aug

Israeli newspaper Haritz has quoted its sources as saying that during the last one week, Russia’s 13 warships have reached the Mediterranean and Syria.

According to the Reuters news agency and Israeli newspaper Haritz, between Russia and Syria, reports about the preparations of the attack on Syria, Russia is deploying its warship in the sea near Syria.

Remember, the Russian Ministry of Defense has repeatedly made it known in the last two days that America, Britain and France are preparing to attack this country by making Syria an excuse for using chemical weapons. It has been said that during the last one week, Russia’s 13 warships Mediterranean Sea udgeon C. Mamluk said that we are here in Syria

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman, Igor Konashkov, in a statement on Sunday also said that the terrorists are planning a chemical attack in Syria’s Adelib province.

They have told that information obtained by Russia shows that a group of experts who know English have gone to Adalib to give training to terrorists using chlorinated weapons.

A spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry said that the terrorists are keen to strike a chemical attack on the area called Zita, which is located six kilometers away from Habit town of Adilib province.

He said that the program is that after doing a drama of chemical attack, the workers of White Hat, prepare video clips of this area so that they can be broadcasted in the media.

It is also reported that the Russian Navy has sent its largest task force to the shores of Syria, as it is also reported that the release of Russia’s 13 warships.


The Russian newspaper Azostia has written in a report that the way Russians are strengthening their military presence on the Syrian coast in the Mid-Sea Sea, the example of the past is not found in the past.

According to the report of this newspaper, at this time there are more than 10 warships and 2 modern submarines equipped with the caliber cruise missiles in the Russian Navy unit stationed near the Syrian coast in the Mediterranean Sea.

Sources of the Russian Defense Ministry have told the newspaper that most of the Russian Navy units deployed in the North Sea, the Baltic Sea, Black Sea and similarly Caspian Sea have been transported to the sea in the current time.
Russia has said that it will put all of the inflammatory actions including chemical attack in Syria and full force to prevent possible military action from the United States and the West.

The Western media has denied reports of increased military presence in the United States in the Mid-Sea Sea, but Russian sources have said that the United States is increasing its military presence in the fringing Sea.

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