Inflation continues to rise: Record increase in oil prices, 86 rupees are sold in Mumbai

Inflation continues to rise: Record increase in oil prices, 86 rupees are sold in Mumbai
01 Sep

New Delhi: The price of inflation is on the common people. Even today, the prices of diesel and petrol prices increased. Whereas petrol prices in New Delhi were up 16 paise and diesel prices increased by 21 paise. Today the petrol in the city is selling 78 rupees 68 paise per liter and diesel 70 rupees is 42 paise per liter.

In Mumbai, petrol is sold at Rs 86 a liter, 09 paise a liter, and diesel 74 rupees at 76 paise a liter. Due to the rise in diesel prices, inflation can be increased because of the use of diesel in vehicles for transportation of food and agricultural products.

Meanwhile, the price of domestic LPG cylinder was increased to Rs 1.49 per cylinder yesterday. Subsidized LPG cylinders is getting Rs 499.51 per cylinder in Delhi from today. This increase in price of LPG has been made especially due to increase in tax on the base price. Indian Oil Corporation, the country’s largest petroleum marketing company, has informed this.

The opposition party is targeting the Center’s Modi government for the rising prices of petrol diesel. Congress says that by placing the common people in trouble, the government is waiving the debt of industrialists.
The Congress released the old price of petrol and diesel, asked the old video, “Is this the good day?”
Congress spokesman Randeep Singh Surjewala said, “High taxes have been imposed by the Modi Government, which has led to a drastic increase in prices of petrol and diesel.” He said that the price of petrol and diesel has increased so much for the first time. Common people, middle class people, farmers and small and medium traders are suffering due to this.
Surjewala said that the increased cost of essential items was wasting the budget of all Indians. He said, “The people of the country will never forgive the Modi government for fuel looting and will answer it in the coming election.”

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