waseem Rizvi, who made abusive remarks against Ayatollah Sistani, retaliated against Maulana Kalbe jawad

waseem Rizvi, who made abusive remarks against Ayatollah Sistani, retaliated against Maulana Kalbe jawad
01 Sep

India’s senior Shia cleric Maulana Kalbe Jawad has responded with a rebuttal by the senior Shia religious leader of Iraqi Ayatollahil Ujma Sastani on the fatwa given by the chairman of the Northern Shia Central Waqf Board on the furniture given on the Babri Masjid.

According to the report received, senior leaders of India and Imam Juma Lucknow Maulana Kalbe Javad Naqvi condemned the harsh remarks made by the chairman of the UP Wakf Board on the fatwa of Iraqi seniormost religious leader Ayatollah Sastani in his speech in Jumeirah. While saying that those who are saying that Ayatollah Sistani gave any answer or question to any question came under pressure Land that is not what Munafikh that Mittheachari but so unjust person is not Shia Muslims which has no relation to any religion.

Maulana Kalbe Javad said that there was already existence in the matter of giving Wakf property to someone else so that he could build his place of worship or shrine on it. Maulana said that now the rule of Ayatollah Sastani has come in which he has clearly said that the property of Waqf can not be given for the worship of any other religion. He said that Ayatollah Sistani has said the same thing which has come to be called Islam, Maulana said that we have already said that only mosque can be built on the land of the mosque.

Maulana Kalbe Jawad said that the President of the Northern Shia Waqf Board has crossed the border and now he has become so audacious that he is also targeting the biggest religious leaders of Shi’a Muslims to be their target. He said that the Chairman of the Waqf Board says on one side that Dawood Ibrahim is pressurizing him, on the other hand, bringing our seniormost religious leader against the infamous Jama Masjid, he says that pressure is being made by Ayatollah Sastani. Maulana said that this person is doing such work to protect himself from the arrest. He said that those who do not listen to their senior religious leaders can not be Shia.

Imam Juma Lucknow Maulana Kalbe Jawad said that the more than the Chairman is the culprit who is a member of Waqf Board and in the greed of the chair, the silence of the Chairman’s silence is simple. He said that the silence of members of the Board is proving that he is involved in all of his crimes. Maulana said that the time has come that the entire Shiite community should ask members of the Waqf Board to remove the culprit who made abusive comments on Ayatollah Sastani, oust the chairman of the Wakf Board from his position, otherwise boycott of all the members including the chairman

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