Ardogan : America is like a wild wolf

Ardogan :  America is like a wild wolf
05 Sep

Turkish President Rajab Tayyab Ardogan has reacted to the new restrictions imposed by Washington on Ankara, saying that America’s attitude is like a wild wolf.

Mehr news agency reported Turkish President Rajab Tayyab Ardogan, reacting to the new restrictions imposed by Turkey on the United States, said that the US is not a well-deserved country, and its behavior is also like a wild wolf. He said that the time has come that the monopoly of the dollar should be gradually eliminated from the world and promote business in its national currency. The Turkish President said that the use of the dollar has only caused us to be harmed, now the benefit will be only when we stop using it at all.

According to Turkish media reports, after the arrest of Anne and Washington following the arrest of the American pastor on the charge of espionage, the Turkish government continued to trade and invest with other countries in its national currency lira rather than the dollar. Is engaged in efforts.

It is notable that in the military mutiny in Turkey, serious differences between Ankara and Washington have led to an American pastor arrested on charges of helping the rebels. Meanwhile, while on one side Turkey has refused to release the arresting cleric on the charge of espionage while rejecting America’s demand, while on the other hand, the US also futullah gullan, considered to be the master mind of the rebellion in Turkey, Has refused to handover.

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