Turkey and Qatar have been given such a big punishment for not joining the US in the war against Iran.

Turkey and Qatar have been given such a big punishment for not joining the US in the war against Iran.
05 Sep

Turkey and Qatar have been the forerunners of the US and Western imperialism in the Middle East for years, even in the fire of the Syrian crisis, their fingers are blown up.
Although these two countries have refused to become partners in the policies of Washington, they have to pay the price.

As the first foreign trip to the US President Donald Trump, Saudi Arabia’s selection was important for two reasons, Riyaz’s deal with the billions of dollars of weapons and the beginning of the siege of Qatar.

Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt saw the flag of Qatar, the sea and air siege, by Trump only during his visit to Riyaz.

Although Iran and Turkey have been able to go ahead and limit the consequences of this siege on Qatar, to a great extent.

Turkey had to face a major economic attack last month, with widespread disastrous consequences. On August 10, Turkey, facing an economic war, Trump imposed a double tariff of steel and aluminum, which in turn fell in the face of the Turk Lira dollar.
This severe punishment has been given to those countries which have been considered to be the main components of the United States.

There is a large military base in the United States since 1954 in Turkey. Similarly, the US FAR in Qatar is the largest military base in the Gulf’s Arab countries.

Similarly, in other parts of Qatar, the governing family, like the Arab Gulf countries, has protected its rule with the help of weapons purchased from the United States.

In addition, Turkey and Qatar put themselves in Syria in 2011 to remove Bashar Asad from power in Syria. Although earlier, Ottoman President Rajab Tayyab Ardogan had a good relationship with his neighboring country, despite this, he speculated that the militant groups gained from foreign support in Syria are going to win.

Turkey’s cooperation and its role in Washington and Tel-Aviv in the Syrian crisis were very important.
According to the report of the International Crisis Group or the International Crisis Group, in only 3 years, Turkey spent more than $ 3 billion in the Syrian war. In addition, the expenditure of the Syrian war had risen from $ 17 billion to $ 22.6 billion, with an increase of 17 percent annually in 2014.

Apart from this, the intervention of the Syrian war resulted in Turkish billions of dollars and Qatar also spent billions of dollars on the support of armed rebel groups in Syria.

Despite this, both of them have nothing to show in the Syrian crisis except for their burnt fingers and the big shocks in their economy.

By 2016, Turkey and Qatar had understood that the collapse of the Syrian government in collaboration with the West is not possible and that Assad, which has the support of Iran and Russia, can not remove any power from power. This reality made a major change in the foreign policy of Turkey and Qatar, and with Turkey coming closer to Russia and Iran, the Syrian government also began to improve its relations.

After this, when Trump started playing war with Iran, with stringent economic sanctions against Iran, Turkey and Qatar did not show any interest in the collaboration. As punishment, the Trump administration has launched an economic war against both. But experts are not confident about America’s victory in this economic war.

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