Against SC-ST Act, the upper castes started showing ‘Bharat Bandh’, MP, Bihar, Rajasthan

Against SC-ST Act, the upper castes started showing ‘Bharat Bandh’, MP, Bihar, Rajasthan
06 Sep

NEW DELHI: Nearly 35 organizations of upper castes have declared India’s closure against the amendment in the SC-ST Act. The impact of this shutdown of the Saranans has begun. The security arrangements have been made in the wake of the India bandh. Madhya Pradesh is among the most affected states. In Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, the administration has taken precautionary measures. Alert has been issued in all the districts of Madhya Pradesh, along with Section 144 imposed in 18 districts. An alert has been issued in neighboring Rajasthan, in view of the closure.
09.25 AM: Even in Uttar Pradesh, the impact of the shutdown of the upper castes has started showing. In Agra, the protesters blocked the Agra-Gwalior Highway in UP. People demand that amendment to the SCST Act be withdrawn. People said that if the law can be brought to SCST then why not for Ram temple?
09.22 AM: Bundi in Rajasthan is also getting the effect of the shutdown. City markets are closed, the closure of upper castes has got support from many organizations. Bondi has got support from the Petrol Pump Association and the Medical Store Society. The demonstrators are moving on the motorcycle to close open shops.
09.22 AM: Protesters in Bihar’s Darbhanga stopped the Bihar Communication Revolution train. The protesters are demanding the implementation of the SC-ST Act, the black law, and the Supreme Court’s decision.
09.19 AM: The Kaimur in Bihar is also getting the effect of shutting down India. In Kaimur district, people are shouting slogans of withdrawing Mohanya Bhabhua path to Ratwar village and returning to BJP Mudadabad and Act. In this jam, along with school vehicles, milk vehicles, many vehicles are trapped. Many schools are returning the vehicle. Children are not able to attend school, rural slogans are sitting on slogans.
09.15 AM: Madhya Pradesh’s Raisen is witnessing the wider impact of the Indian band of upper castes. People are gathering on the streets by breaking Section 144. The impact of the shutdown can be seen in Raisen, including Ghataganj, Begumganj, Bari, Bareli, Sanchi and Silvani areas. Pulse force has been deployed in place of Raisen. The common people are having problems for everyday essential goods.
09.07 AM: The effect of the shutdown in many districts of the MP has started, the news of clashes between people of the upper caste society and the police
08.57 AM: People protesters blocked the Aara in Bihar and stopped the train. During the demonstration in Patna, the slogan of the freedom of the SCST Act and the BJP Mudadabad.
08.56 AM: Public exhibition performed by the people of upper caste, along with the flag of BJP in Mokame, Bihar, National Highway 80 in Lakhisarai jam
08.12 AM: Bihar’s Chhapra bhakhari Thakur Chowk jam protested by upper caste protesters
Partition opinion about the law in BJP
Union minister and senior BJP leader Kalraj Mishra, while keeping personal opinion on the law yesterday, said that the SC-ST Act is being misused on land. This creates a sense of inequality within the people. Officials are also afraid that if the lawsuit is not registered then action will be taken. People are being arrested in fake lawsuits. He said, “There is no issue of party and opposition, I am in favor of preventing misuse of the law. I, all the leaders of the party should take their feedback here, all the parties should consider the solution.”
Why is organisms happening?
Let me tell you that the Supreme Court had made a major change in the SC / ST Act on March 20 that it will be mandatory for the approval of the concerned Senior Superintendent of Police to arrest the nominated accused under it. Apart from this, a police sub-inspector can do a preliminary inquiry to know whether the matter falls under this Act or not.
Opposition parties had accused the Modi government after the Supreme Court’s decision that the government did not keep the arguments in the court properly, due to which the law was weak, now the oppression against the Dalits will increase. The Dalits had called off India on 2 April in protest against the Supreme Court’s decision, there was a lot of violence during this period.
BJP MPs from Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes also raised their voices in protest and told their own government that the government should bring the ordinance back to the law. After which Modi Government passed the amendment bill passed from the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha to implement the SC / ST Act. Now the upper class has started to raise voice against it.

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