The next four days are very important … Can the start of the World War Iidi?

The next four days are very important … Can the start of the World War Iidi?
06 Sep

Everything that is happening in Syria is reaching its destination, everything is going to end, peacefully or by war … The Syrian army is preparing to make a call on the Ilyalib, it is supporting Iran and Russia Hizbullah is also ready to help him. Russia has reached more than 25 warships in the Mediterranean Sea, which is said to be in line with a possible action from the United States to curb the Syrian army’s crackdown on terrorists in Syria.

The way in which the number of warships of the United States and Russia in the Gulf of Mediterranean Sea and Fars is increasing, it is clear from the fact that both the world’s strengths are increasingly increasing the number of warships for regional or international collision. It is that these two big powers of the world are becoming regional or international.

Russia, along with China, did a great military exercise in the Mediterranean Sea, which is not found in the past 40 years and for this reason it is said that its conflict with the USA is possible. The rate of Russian Russian leadership has understood the situation and he is never ready to sacrifice his successes in Syria.
American President Donald Trump has tweeted in this context, saying that President Bashar Assad should not attack Idlib and if the Russian and Iranian people participate in this maulable tragedy, it will be a big mistake as millions of people can be killed.

The tone of the American President is heard from the tone of the war, especially for this tweet, the Russian President’s spokesman has given the answer and stating that the threats are unacceptable, due to the presence of armed people in Dayal Idalib, peace was established in Syria. The road is being interrupted and he is using Idilb for attacks against Russia.

Trump did not threaten this time during the proceedings of the Syrian army for the freedom of the goose and the river, but his government had expressed its consensus on silence. Then why did Trump threaten this way this time?

This question has been answered by two analysts, one of which is the US and the other British. Both of them spoke the same thing and that is that both Israel and Saudi Arabia encouraged Trump to adopt this kind of attitude, because both of them do not want the coalition of Russia, Iran and Syria to win.
Russian warships in the Mediterranean
Israel has failed to expel Iran from Syria and its demand for pressure on Russia is also not effective, so it is felt that the American attack on Idolib is the last opportunity for him and we feel that It will be a matter of discussion during John Bolton’s recent visit to Israel.

One of the threats is threatened by the Israeli war minister in which he has talked about targeting Iranian targets outside of Syria. The recent attack at the Mazza Airport also reflects the same agony in Israel.

The next four days will be very important, if there is no consensus at the political level then there will definitely be a war which can be very big

On Friday, a meeting of Russia, Turkey and Iran in Tehran could also be a war-meeting, because the news is being told that Saturday the Syrian army can initiate action on Idlib.

It is our prayer that a political solution comes out. We are waiting for the situation by keeping our hands on the heart. The coming days are very important for Syria and as we have already said before, in the next few days, the future of the Middle East can also be determined.

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