Turkey: Operation of Idalib and Turkey’s Promise

Turkey: Operation of Idalib and Turkey’s Promise
11 Sep

Turkey’s Interior Minister Solomon Suvellu has said that the Ankara will not accept the responsibility of the refugee crisis due to this operation, in the periphery of Ankara protesting the ouster of the Imdalib province from Syria.

He said that refugees arising from Turkey, Idlib operation is opposing this operation due to the possibility of a crisis. Turkish Foreign Minister Mauld Chawchish Ogulu has also said that their country’s goal behind preventing the campaign to liberate the last fort of terrorists from terrorists’ control is the same.

This view of the Turks authorities has come to light in a situation that Rajab Tayyib Ardogan had spoken of complete cooperation with Moscow and Tehran on Friday in the tripartite meeting of the Syrian crisis, until the end of Diyas, Nusra Front and other terrorist groups. Despite signing the Teheran Declaration, it seems that the Turks have made their minds to oppose the manifesto of the Tehran meeting, and the views of the West on Russia and Iran’s view of relieving Imdalib from the clutches of terrorists Are giving priority.

Turks are also very much anti-government and many opposition parties in Turkey have openly oppose the current policies of Damascus on Ankara. A Protocol from Turkey, Dvo Pranchnik, opposed the views of the President of the country, about the issue of Syria, that the Teheran manifesto proved that the only solution to the case of the Ilyaleib is disarmament of the terrorists.

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