Taliban swords on Mufti neck in Saudi Arabia, accusation of contact with militant outfit

Taliban swords on Mufti neck in Saudi Arabia, accusation of contact with militant outfit
11 Sep

A special court in Saudi Arabia is going on a lawsuit against Syrian Mufti.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Saleh is a Syrian citizen named Alamungid but he has been living in Saudi Arabia for the last several years. At the time when the Syrian crisis began and many regional countries and international powers were mobilized, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the restoration to demolish Assad’s government in Bashmati, Saudi Arabia gave free exemption and free platform to the Mughals. Former Saudi Foreign Minister Saudul Faisal allowed foreign and Saudi convoys with the consent of the country’s leadership to inflame the common people against the Assad regime of Syria as well as the common people. One of these compliments is Muhammad bin Saleh Alamunjid, who faces serious allegations at this time. It is said about Alamunjid that he can not walk again, therefore the wheel was sitting in the chair and reached the court. The prosecution alleges Alamunjid that they have links with the terrorist organization Annusra Front, they keep discussions with the elements of this organization on telephone and give them the fatwa according to need. Similarly, they are also concerned with other extremist organizations fighting in Syria and Iraq.

Alamunjid has also been accused that he is a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood. Being a supporter of this organization is a crime in Saudi Arabia.

What is the reason that the Muslims who had previously offered free acceptance but took help from them and with the help of them, they provoked people in Syria and Iraq. With the help of which many terror groups were formed. The Mufti lived as VIP personalities in Saudi Arabia and with whom the security guards walked, they are now facing serious charges for the same activities. Although earlier the Saudi government promoted these activities themselves.

People who know Alamungid and other compliments have expressed their views on the social media that the allegations against these compliments are all right, but it is also true that these confessions are based on the gesture of the Saudi government and according to their wishes. Are of The only change at this time is that in the Saudi Arab-Qatar dispute, Rujhan was on the side of Qatar, or he did it that it was better to remain fair than not supporting anyone in Saudi Arabia or Qatar. It is not tolerated that the present leadership of Saudi Arabia is unbiased. The Saudi leadership believes that it is duty of the believers to support their policies and decisions. Some of the pleasures are doing this way. Some Mufti are even saying that the Saudi monarch rape for half an hour in front of the TV cameras, even then it is important for the public to obey the king.

Alamungdid is a Syrian citizen, but he was born in Riyaz in 1961 and at the same time he received education from King Fahd University. They are said to have created a website named Islam Question Answers in the year 1997. Earlier, they were deposited in the Imam.

Alamunjid has already lived in disputes due to his fatwas. Once he had given a fatwa that the analysis of topics related to sports is haram because it is a waste of time. Alamunjid also gave a fatwa to kill Mikey Mouse, although later he had this fatwa back lane.

At present, there is a scourge of peace in Saudi Arabia and they are being sent to jail one by one. The prosecution for Alamunjid should be hanged from the court in the hearing of the hearing on Sunday. Now to see what is the consequence of alamunjid and what comes next.

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