Putin worry about the circumstances of Idliib, if needed, Russia will move to Idlib

Putin worry about the circumstances of Idliib, if needed, Russia will move to Idlib
15 Sep

Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed concern over the activities of militants in the southwestern province of Adilib in Syria.

According to the RIA News Agency quoted by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Pascoff, President Putin discussed the latest situation of the last stronghold of the terrorists in Syria from members of the country’s security council on Friday.

The Syrian soldiers are making extensive action against the various terrorist groups in Adilib because these terrorists have made the people of this province practically hostage.

Syria and Russia have warned that the United States is together with Britain and France, weighing on the military attack against Syria, while the Syrian army is fixing the independence of the Iudalib.

According to the Syrian news agency Sanaa on Wednesday, the Ministry of Defense of Russia has said that foreign-backed terrorists have kidnapped 22 children from a hail of their relatives and orphans so that they can be used as a drama of chemical attack in Adilib. And then blame the head of the Syrian government.

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Alamolim said on Tuesday that the US is using internationally controlled chemical weapons to create an excuse for the military attack against Syria.

Meanwhile, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that if needed, then Russia will be bunker in Adlib.

He said in Berlin on Friday that if necessary, Moscow will bombard the targets of terrorists in the province of Idlib.

According to intra-fax news agency, Sergey Lavrov also stressed on this that Russia will make human corridors to evacuate citizens.

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