Inflation rises, petrol costs 15 paise and diesel 6 paise today

Inflation rises, petrol costs 15 paise and diesel 6 paise today
17 Sep

New Delhi: The price of petrol diesel continues to be on the rise. Today, prices of oil have seen a rise again. Petrol is 15 paise and diesel 6 paise is expensive. After the increased prices, petrol in the capital Delhi has reached Rs 82.06 per liter and diesel Rs 73.78 per liter. On Saturday, September 16, petrol in Delhi was priced at 81.91 paise and diesel was 73.72 rupees.
Talking about financial capital Mumbai, the petrol price has reached Rs 89.44 per liter and Rs 78.33 per liter. On September 16, the price of petrol in Mumbai was Rs 89.29 / liter and diesel was priced at Rs 78.26. Surprisingly, in 12 cities of Maharashtra, petrol has reached 90 rupees.
Prime Minister’s review meeting, no relief available
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday reviewed the functioning of various departments of the Finance Ministry. Several officials including Finance Minister Arun Jaitley were also present in this meeting. After this meeting, the finance minister refused to sign the prices of petrol and diesel. After the question of reducing the prices of petrol and diesel, he said that it was an internal review meeting and no such topic was discussed.
Awkward statement of minister
The public is troubled by the rising prices of petrol diesel. In the country’s financial capital Mumbai, petrol 90 and diesel have reached 80 rupees. But the RPI chief and the Union Social Justice Minister Ramdas Athavale is not showing any trouble. Inverted water is saying such things as salt sprinkling. Athawale said on Saturday, “I am not troubled by rising inflation, because I am a minister, I get diesel petrol in the foket. Yes, it is upset if the minister does not stop. “However, Athavale definitely said that his government was seriously considering lowering inflation.

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