RSS chief Bhagwat surprised the Congress, said- a big contribution to freedom

RSS chief Bhagwat surprised the Congress, said- a big contribution to freedom
18 Sep

New Delhi: RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat surprised everyone during the Sangh program in Delhi by Congress. The second day of the RSS program today is the name of the future India. In this program, celebrities belonging to different areas are being included. On the first day RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat said that he respects the trumpet, but his teacher is a saffron flag. Bhagwat said that the intention of RSS is not in the country.
Respect of the trumpet but our teacher of saffron
Bhagwat said, “The Sangh always respects the trumpet, every volunteer is connected to the heart with every mark of freedom struggle, but we consider the saffron flag as our master. Every year, we organize Guru Sanaan program in front of this flag. “He also said that we do not keep the intent of the union in this country.
Congratulations to the Congress and stressed everyone
While praising the Congress, Bhagwat said that the Congress had to be aware of the fight for freedom, but today the situation is something else. Bhagwat said that in the form of Congress, a movement emerged in all the countries for the independence of the country, in which the inspiration of many great-legends inspired the lives of the people even today.
Celebrities of various fields took part
In the RSS convention, Bollywood is a collection, Nawajuddin Siddiki, Ravi Kishan, Madhur Bhandarkar, Manisha Koirala and Annu Kapoor, have also reached Hathia. A Union official said that it is the first program of its kind to tell the union’s view on various issues and to eradicate misconceptions about its function and ideology. Hence it was felt that people of all sections should invite it. In this program, there was a discussion about Congress President Rahul Gandhi, which was later rejected by the Congress.

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