Mourning on the occasion of eighth Muharram in India

Mourning on the occasion of eighth Muharram in India
20 Sep

Throughout the world, the mourning meetings of Imam Hussein alaihisamlam continue to be held in special days, and even in India traditional tradition is being done.

There is a continuation of Muharram’s Majlis, Procession and Weeds in almost all small towns and rural areas of India. Different mourning meetings are being held in Lucknow, which is also considered to be the center of freedom, as usual, in which the speakers are highlighting the different dimensions of the life, their movement and their message of Imam Hussein and telling people that What lessons do we get from the movement of Imam Hussein?


While studying Majlis in Jhulal Imambaar of Lucknow, Dharmaguru Maulana Akhtar Abbas Jawan said that companions of Imam Hussein alaihisam had met but no one in the companionship history was found. He said that the companions also met Hazrat Ali aliasamlam but they said that some are smart but not trustworthy, but use religion for their world, similarly they have some rights but they are not foresighted. Maulana Akhtar Abbas Joun said that Islam and Shari’a still have to be embarrassed due to these two types of people.


He said in his Majlis that those people who can not understand which work has been done with heart and which work has been done for votes, they are not visionary. Hizrat Ali did not want such people as his colleagues, but like the companions of Imam Hussein alaihisamlam who were also farsighted, they were loyal, trustworthy, courageous, judicial, courtier and respected. And their goal was to sacrifice themselves and only on the path of Imam Hussein to fight in respect of pride and this is the reason that they themselves today have the honor of respect Have become.

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