Thousands of security forces deployed for security in Karbala

Thousands of security forces deployed for security in Karbala
20 Sep

Thirty thousand security forces have been deployed to ensure safety during the Muharram in Karbala, the sacred city of Iraq.

At least thirty thousand security personnel have been deployed to ensure the safety of the people of Imam Hussein in Karbala. The Chief Commander of the security forces, “Qas Alamuhmadawi”, which ensure security in Karbala, said that cooperation is also going on with the army, police and volunteer forces.

Iraqi volunteer forces are also helping in all kinds of those who participate in the bereavement of Imam Hussain while establishing security in Karbala. To celebrate this year too, lakhs of devotees have reached Karbala, whose number is in lakhs.

Be aware that in Iraq on Thursday, September 20, 2018, the date of Muharram is 10 days ie Ashoor’s day, which is reaching Karbala from different countries to seek Imam Hussain’s wish. In Iran also, Ashoor will be celebrated on Thursday.

In India and Pakistan on Friday, the ten Muharram means the Ashur will be celebrated.

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