Terrorist attack in Iran, 29 martyred 57 injured

Terrorist attack in Iran, 29 martyred 57 injured
23 Sep

In the terrorist attack on the military parade in Iran’s southern city of Ahwaz, 29 people were martyred and 57 others injured. Among those who are martyred, there is a child of 4 years and one journalist.

The governor of Ahwaz province said that during the parade on Quds Road in the center of the province of Ahwaz on Saturday, the terrorists fired from behind the stand. This Parade was organized in Iran on the occasion of the anniversary of the war that was imposed by Iraq on Iran in 1980.

The province’s governor said: “The terrorists were wearing the uniform of the Islamic Revolution patrol force.”

According to the report, 4 terrorists attacked, 3 of the soldiers who were present at the spot were stuck in the counter and the injured terrorists, who were arrested, succumbed to the hospital.

The number of martyrs is expected to increase due to the worrisome situation of the injured. Those who are martyred are also armed forces personnel and ordinary people.

On the other hand, External Affairs Minister Javad Zarif has said that the terrorist attacks of Iran Ahwaaz will give a complete answer.

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