Muzaffarpur Kand: Good governance surrender, 65 hours later, empty police Bihar Police

Muzaffarpur Kand: Good governance surrender, 65 hours later, empty police Bihar Police
25 Sep

Patna: Nearly 50 bullets were shot and killed in Muzaffarpur by former Mayor Sameer Kumar AK-47 rifle. His driver was also killed with former mayor. Nearly 65 hours after the incident, the police of Sushasan Babu Nitish Kumar are vacant. Taking the criminals away, the police have not been able to find the clue to the criminals.
While on one hand in Bihar, where the perpetrators are enthusiastic, on the other hand Deputy CM Sushil Modi has come in the forefront of linking the criminals. During an event, Sushil appealed to the criminals that at least this should not be done by the father-in-law. Sushil Modi gave this statement on Sunday.
Nitish Kumar and Sushil Modi came to the Opposition’s target
Sushil Modi and Nitish Kumar have now come to the target of protesters to request the criminals. Former deputy Sian Tejashiv Yadav attacked and said that AK-47 has become a common weapon in Bihar by the failure of Nitish Kumar.
Tasvya Yadav tweeted, “I request the perpetrators not to do any harm in the days of paternal days: -Sushil Modi, Deputy Chief Minister, Bihar, Khulasa and Dinaasa Master’s notorious duo fearing the criminals’ feet in a few days So do not be surprised because more AK-47 criminals have more than Bihar police. ”
BJP said – will not apologize to the statement
BJP spokesman Sanjay Mayukh said, “Do not underestimate our innocence and politics on this. Take the history and see that no guilty has been spared. We do not give protection or support. Do not politicize the incident. ”
Crime statistics in Bihar
In the matter of crime graph in Bihar, in the year 2017, there were total incidents of 2 lakh 36 thousand in which there were 2803 murders and 1594 incidents of rape. In the year 2018, till June 1, 28 thousand incidents of crime were incidents involving 1521 murders and 728 cases of rape.

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