Today, the price increased, 14 paise and diesel 10 paise expensive

Today, the price increased, 14 paise and diesel 10 paise expensive
25 Sep

New Delhi: Oil prices have not been cold even today. Continued increase in oil prices continues to this day. Today the price of petrol is 14 paise and diesel price has increased by 10 paise. Opposition parties are constantly demanding tax reduction from government oil prices.
After the hike, the petrol in Delhi was priced at Rs 82.86 a liter and diesel at Rs 74.12 per liter. Talking about the price of Delhi tomorrow ie Monday, petrol was sold at Rs 82.72 per liter and diesel 74.02 per liter.
Talking about the financial capital Mumbai, the petrol price has reached Rs 90.22 per liter. In Mumbai, diesel has reached Rs 78.69 per liter. In Mumbai yesterday, petrol was Rs 90.08 per liter. Talking of diesel at the same time, it was sold at a rate of Rs 78.58 per liter.
The absurd statement of the UP minister on inflation
On the rising inflation in the country, the Union Minister of Yogi Yogi Laxmi Narayan Chaudhary has given a stupid statement. They say that the public should continue to bear the price of inflation for the country’s self-respect. Minister Laxmi Narayan has argued that by taking the price of inflation, we can increase our economic level and show the world that we do not take anything from other countries, not because of it, but rather keep giving them.
No sign of price reduction
The prospect of getting relief on the petrol diesel front, the public is less hopeful of getting relief. First Finance Minister and then the Prime Minister has indicated that excite duty cuts will not be cut. In a recent program, the Prime Minister said that till 2022 the economy of the country will double. At the same time, he said that the government will continue to take stern steps in the coming time. In such a situation, the prices of petrol and diesel are low on the people.
State Governments reduced VAT
The government is constantly demanding to reduce the price of petrol and diesel, but the government has already raised its hands on it. However, the state governments are trying to give some relief to the people by reducing their VAT on petrol, diesel prices at their own level. So far, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, some states have cut VAT on these fuel products.

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