Israel tax explanation is completely baseless: Russia

Israel tax explanation is completely baseless: Russia
25 Sep

Russia’s Foreign Ministry has described Israel’s claim as baseless, which states that there is no hand in the event of the crash of Russia’s aircraft in Syria.

According to the Alamyadin TV channel, Russia’s Ministry of Defense issued a statement on Monday, explaining that Israel’s explanation is baseless that it has no hand in the event of demolishing Russia’s aircraft in Syria.

In this Russian statement it has been said that the Russian army has strong evidence that Israel is the main responsibility of killing Russian aircraft. It has been stated in the statement that Israel’s Fighter aircraft F-16 used the Russian aircraft as a shield to protect themselves from the Syrian anti-missile system.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said in a telephony talk with Prime Minister Netanyahu on Monday evening that the actions of the IAF in Israel caused the fall of Russian aircraft.

Be aware that last week a Russian plane was destroyed by the Zionist regime’s attack in the Lazzea region of Syria, which had 15 people on board. Meanwhile, Russian Defense Minister has said that within the next two weeks, the missile defense system will be handed over to the S-300 Syrian Army, so that the defensive capacity of Syrian should be carefully increased to prevent air strikes.

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