Will end on the basis of today’s suspense, constitutional bench of the Supreme Court

Will end on the basis of today’s suspense, constitutional bench of the Supreme Court
26 Sep

New Delhi: The verdict of the Supreme Court constitution bench will be decided on the petitions challenging the validity of the Aadhaar card scheme. In these petitions, the basis is said to be a violation of the fundamental right of privacy. Also, it has been challenged to make the base mandatory for taking advantage of different government schemes. The Government has argued that on the basis of the scheme, the schemes actually reached the needy, and the economic scam also took a leap.
What was the petition?
Many well-known people, including Puttaswamy, a retired judge of the High Court, filed a petition in the Supreme Court and opposed the Aadhar scheme. Argued on their behalf: –
* To obtain Aadhar card, taking biometric information is a violation of the fundamental right of privacy.
* In the Aadhaar Act, it has been kept optional. Creating the basis for a citizen is not mandatory. But from taking advantage of government schemes to opening a bank account, the foundation has been made mandatory everywhere. That is, in a way, people are being forced to form Aadhaar cards.
* The government wants to monitor every citizen’s activity.
* The base data is not secure. There is constant news of leakage of biometric information raised for the base. There is no proper settlement of data protection.

Government plea
Government has strongly defended the Aadhaar card scheme. Ajay Bhushan Pandey, chairman of UIDAI, a foundation-making body, himself also appeared in the court. The Government and UIDAI said: –
* Denial of privacy from the base is wrong.
* The data collected for the base is fully secured.
* Benefits of the government’s welfare schemes reach the right people. Theft of thousands of crores of rupees has ceased.
* Making the premise compulsory in bank account, income tax and financial transactions will lead to a stammering of black money.
* A country, an identity must be important. About 120 million people have formed the base. He is happy with the identity of this.

Court questions
The constitution bench of the five judges, headed by Chief Justice Deepak Mishra, made strong questions with both sides. The court asked the petitioners: –
* The benefits of welfare schemes through the base are actually getting to the poor. What’s the problem in this?
Do you want to say that there is no government interference in your life? This is possible only when someone goes to austerity in the Himalayas.
* Will the information gathered from 120 million people be destroyed?

While the government asked the court: –
* When the basis is not mandatory in the Act, then why are people being forced to form the base?
* People go abroad for financial mess. How to use the base to stop it?
* What is the response of the petitioners regarding the protection of biometric information?

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What will happen with the verdict
The central government wants to achieve big goals through the basis. Possible impact of Supreme Court decision on Aadhar card
* If the court wrongly raises biometrics, then the process of forming the base will stop.
* If the court eliminates the mandatory mandate to take advantage of government schemes, then the government will have to make efforts to prevent the theft of funds and reach the people of the scheme.
* If the court tells the inadmissibility of the base to open a bank account or to take mobile number, then the government’s attempt to overcome various types of crimes through the base will fail.

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