Putin tells Asad to be happy, S-300 missile system will reach Syria within two weeks

Putin tells Asad to be happy, S-300 missile system will reach Syria within two weeks
26 Sep

Four days ago, when we had guessed that the death of 15 Russian commanders in the event of the collapse of Russian aircraft of the Syrian coast, President Vladimir Putin will take Russia’s insults on Russia’s insults rather Putin.

The way to interact can be that the Israeli airplane that attacks any territory of Syria will kill Russia or give the S-300 missile defense system to the Syrian army and then the Syrian army will do it. We also said that the highest benefit of this entire episode is that of Syria. Many people expressed their views on this idea and some commentators said that the Russian President would not take any counter action as he is afraid of Netanyahu and he has great longing for strong relations with Israel.

President Putin on Monday called his Syrian counterpart Bashar Assad and informed that Russia will hand over the modern S-300 missile defense system to Syria within two weeks.

More so, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shuio said at a press conference this day. He said that missiles given to Syrian are very modern, they can demolish air targets from a distance of 250 km. That is, if an Israeli airplane wants to attack an airplane from Lebanon’s air borders, then this system is capable of killing him. In the past, the Israeli air strikes several times in Syria from the airspace of Lebanon.

Gen. Shuogo said that his country will equip the Syrian air defense forces with such equipment, which is not close to anyone other than the Russian army, so all the defense centers in Syria will have the ability to make all Russian planes It will be easy for them to identify the invading Israeli planes. He also said that Russia will target the communications system of aircraft trying to attack Syria from the Mediterranean by parasit.

President Putin refused to accept the apology for Benjamin Netanyahu on the role of Israel in the event of the fall of the Russian aircraft L-20, and rejected the Israeli consolation on the death of 15 intelligenced commanders in this incident. Putin reacted positively to Israel’s provocative action and responded with a retrograde Israeli attempt to insult Russia. In response, the missile defense system that Russia has given to Syria will completely stop the infiltration of Israeli aircraft in the air border of Syria and Lebanon. This is a big change, which was very few people expected.

Russia’s league of air chief and Israeli army chief’s meeting in Moscow has been leaked. It has been told that the head of the Israeli Air Force took with him a report of its investigation, in which it was shown that there is no mistake of Israeli aircraft in this incident. This meeting ended in 21 minutes. There was a lot of debate in the meeting and the Russian General left the meeting without having to leave the Israelis and went away and threatened that whatever aircraft will come near the Syrian coast, we will be killed immediately. Russia has sent its 12 modern warplanes to the coastal region of Syria to teach Israel a lesson. It went on air and did not have the courage to stop their path in any Israeli plane.

President Putin gave a lot of exemption to the Israelis, and because of Israel’s demand, Russia opted to give the S-300 system to Syria because Israel said that Israel’s security could be in danger after the system was found in Syria. Although the S-300 system deal between Syria and Russia has already been done five years ago, and Syrian commanders have been given training to run this system. These information has been confirmed by the Russian Defense Minister.

Israel’s war minister Evigdor Laberman had threatened three years ago that if the S-300 missile system was given to the Syrian army, Israeli aircrafts would destroy the system on its own. Nowadays Laberman is very silent. Does he still have his authority on this threat, whether he will send his plane to the Syrian army when he sends his plane and then bombs it?

We do not think Lehman or his leader Netanyahu has the power to compete with Russia. That time has passed since the Israeli airplane entered the Syrian air borders and went back to the bombardment.

There is deep concern in Israel at this time. The Israeli leadership has had a terrible tragedy, which was shattered in its vanity. Israel has already suffered the pain of Hizbullah, Iran and Syria missiles and Hamas missiles can not be forgotten. We will also not be surprised that Israel’s concerns have spread in its Arab constituencies, because Israel is being disturbed by which they have relied heavily and on the other, their entire plan of Syria has been fulfilled.


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