UNO does not have the right to interfere: Myanmar

UNO does not have the right to interfere: Myanmar
26 Sep

Myanmar’s Chief of Army Staff, General Man Ong Halang, has said after the UN report released in connection with the genocide of Rohingya Muslims, that the United Nations has no right to interfere in the sovereignty of Myanmar.

According to the report received, the United Nations recently released a report regarding the genocide of Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar. In the report of the League of Nations, many other senior military officers of this country, including the Chief of Myanmar, have been held responsible for the genocide of Rohingya Muslims and they have been recommended for strict punishment. In the United Nations report, the Security Council has been emphasized that the matter of high military officers of Myanmar be sent to International Criminal Court (ICC).

On the other hand, General Man Onang Hangang, Chief of the Army of Myanmar, responded for the first time on the UN report that no country, organization or group has the right to interfere in any internal affairs of the country and to decide on its sovereignty. is. Myanmar’s case experts believe that on one hand the Myanmar government and its army are violating all international laws and, on the other hand, are trying to threaten the United Nations that it is the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. But on the atrocities committed at the time of silence and the shadows of human rights have been watched by quietness.

It is noteworthy that the UN investigators told such horrific statements in their report, according to which the violation of vandalism against Rohingya Muslims was reportedly started when the army of this country started a “clearance operation” under which 7 More than a million Muslims had to flee to Bangladesh. It was also mentioned in the report of the League that the soldiers of this country were openly supported by extremist Buddhist groups in the assassination of Rohingyas, rape of women, violence and other serious crimes in the protected state of Myanmar. In its report, the United Nations criticized the role of Nobel laureate Aung San List in crime and assassination, and also criticized him.

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