President Rouhani’s speech in the United Nations General Assembly, serious questions raised on America’s attitude

President Rouhani’s speech in the United Nations General Assembly, serious questions raised on America’s attitude
27 Sep

President of Islamic Republic of Iran, Dr. Hassan Rouhani, gave Iran speech on several issues, including the nuclear deal, the policies of the United States, terrorism, international peace, and Iran’s cooperative role in the region, while delivering a speech at the UN General Assembly.

While addressing the convention of the League of Nations in New York on Tuesday, Dr. Rouhani said that the nuclear deal was the result of diplomatic efforts of more than a decade and the US came out of the multilateral agreement, which violated international rules and laws, The Council also passed.

Dr. Hassan Rouhani said that the US sees international relations with a vigorous attitude, and said that the United Nations does not allow the proposal that its passed resolution be presented to some members of the election handicrafts.

Iranian President of the Islamic Republic of Iran said that there is nothing other than the failure of America’s wrong policies about Iran, Iran’s stand on the foreign policy framework is always to continue multilateral cooperation and internationally recognized principles.

Dr. Rouhani citing the cunning statements of US officials about talks with Iran, said that Iran can break a new agreement on the basis of which criterion from which Iran violates commitments. President Rouhani said that if any negotiation happens then the proposal of Security Council will be under 2231, not against it, nor will there be any dialogue going back to the situation before that.

Proposal of Security Council 2231 is a proposal in which Iran’s nuclear deal with Iran has been approved.

Iranian President of Islamic Republic of Iran said that Iran’s policy is neither war, nor ban, nor threats, no threats, only execution of promises and the rule of law. He said that Iran supports the establishment of peace and democracy throughout the Middle East.

Dr. Rouhani citing Iran’s contradiction in terrorism in the region, said that Iranians have played their part in the first line of terrorism as a nation that has become the target of terrorism tomorrow and today and will continue to play it.

Dr. Rouhani said that the people of Iran are mourning the martyrdom of dozens of innocent people who went on roaming in some western countries capitals in the hands of the terrorists who had been martyred in the hands of terrorists on Saturday, they are petro dollars It’s the responsibility of the attack in conversation with the TV channels running.

President Rouhani said that the priority of Iran’s foreign policy is to make the region more secure and to increase cooperation with the neighbors.

President Rouhani criticized the Yemeni war and called the dialogue between the Yemeni parties to be the only solution to the crisis. He described the Palestinian crisis as the most important issue of the Islamic world and said that no matter how old the law is, it can not get legal status.

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