Saudi security forces killed 3 workers

Saudi security forces killed 3 workers
29 Sep

Between the ongoing suppression of political opponents in Saudi Arabia, on Wednesday, the security forces of Saudi Arabia, in the Qatif area, rich in oilseed of the country, came to the house of Saud Bahad al-Assad and attacked three workers and killed three workers.

Saudi Arabia’s TV channel Alarbia said on Thursday that these three workers were Saudi nationals identified as Mohammed Hassan Ahmad Azzaad, Mufid Hamza Ali Al-Alwan and Khaleel Ibrahim Hasan al-Muslim.

During this suppressive operation of the security forces of the Saudi regime, 3 security personnel of the security force were also injured.

The Saudi security forces took this action at such a time that at least 7 people were injured in this kind of oppressive action in Qatif earlier.

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