Lucknow: Vivek Tiwari’s funeral was killed by police bullet today, daughter-in-law- what kind of work did such a government do?

Lucknow: Vivek Tiwari’s funeral was killed by police bullet today, daughter-in-law- what kind of work did such a government do?
30 Sep

Lucknow: Vivek Tiwari, Area Manager of Apple Company, who was victimized by UP Police, will be cremated in Lucknow. Vivek Tiwari’s funeral will be done at 9 am on the Baikunth Dham Bhaina Kund in Lucknow. The UP government has announced a compensation of 25 lakh rupees and a job to Vivek Tiwari’s family, and has said that if necessary, the CBI will also conduct a probe. At the same time, Vivek Tiwari’s daughter is very angry with the whole incident, she says that the government which can not give security, what work did the government do?
Praise of Vivek’s wife – answering government
Vivek’s wife, Kalpana, said, “I had talked to him at one o’clock in the night, yesterday was the launch of Apple Phone, he was lying, I went to drop the straw, at 3 o’clock, someone said that the Accident You have reached Lohia. ”
He said, “Doctors did not say anything about the accident, I did not talk about the bullet, I went to an accidental spot, there were pill marks on the train. If they did not stop the car, then what crime had they fired, I shot Answer from Yogi ji.
Kalpana said, “What law has passed by Yogi ji, which law and order has been made, the police are saying that he was in a disgraceful condition. I say that he is our mutual matter. It was that the car began to mount, he ran an accident. Matter was anything but who gave the right to shoot. ”
What is the whole event?
Yesterday evening Apple was a big company event. Two company’s phones were launched in India. These phones started to be sold in the market from six o’clock in the evening. Vivek Tiwari was the Area Manager of Apple Company. This was a great opportunity for them. They came out late at night in the office. His colleague was also with him. He was going to his house after leaving Sana’s house.
At about one and a half he spoke to his wife and told them that the phone was delayed due to phone lobbying, so that he would return his colleague Sana leaving the house. In Gomtinagar area suddenly two policemen stopped him, one of whom was Pacific.
Prashant is the only soldier who fired. According to the accused, Vivek Tiwari repeatedly used to drive him on the train, so he removed the pistol but at that time the statement of Sana in the car is totally different. The accused policemen have been arrested and sent to jail and orders have been ordered to be investigated. But this incident has put the police in the dock of questions.

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