Iraq: Iraq’s Beauty Queen was shot dead

Iraq: Iraq’s Beauty Queen was shot dead
30 Sep

Iraq’s famous model and beauty queen was shot dead in the country’s capital in Baghdad.
The 22-year-old Tatya Fares was given the title of Iraq’s Beauty Queen in 2015, with an estimated three million followers of the Instagram.

Iraq’s Interior Ministry has issued a statement and said that due to the firing on Thursday in Baghdad, the injured Faiz had been admitted to Shaikh Zaid Hospital, but three bullets were shot by unknown gunmen. In the injured condition, he was admitted to Sheikh Zaid Hospital, but due to the injuries of three bullets, the injured Faheres died there.

It has not been clear yet that who killed him and was murdered. Farace was not active in politics.

The Home Ministry has said that he is constituting a committee to investigate his murder.

The Iraqi capital of Iraqi capital Arbil was living in Farace, Baghdad.

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