Indonesia tsunami after heavy earthquake, death of 384 people, hundreds of lapsate, Iran expressed regret

Indonesia tsunami after heavy earthquake, death of 384 people, hundreds of lapsate, Iran expressed regret
30 Sep

The Tsunami has arrived in the area after a severe earthquake in Sulawesi Island, Indonesia. The tremors of the first 7.5 magnitude earthquake were felt on Friday and immediately after the tsunami, 384 people died after the death.

According to the report received, the spokesman of the Geography Department of Indonesia told on Friday that the tsunami is reported after a magnitude 7.5 magnitude earthquake on the Richter scale. However, the department withdrew its warning of Tsunami. He told that the tsunami in Palu has knocked. A local news channel says that due to the tsunami in Palu city, there are six feet high waves in the sea. After this many buildings in the area were completely devastated.

A spokesman of the Department of Geology has confirmed the tsunami in Palu area. They say that the agency is trying to gather more information in this regard. All information will be shared only after it is confirmed in this regard. Muhammad Siyugi, head of the relief agency of Indonesia, told that the National Search and Rescue Agency has installed large vessels and helicopters in relief work.

According to the information received, the center of the earthquake was 10 kilometers below the surface of 80 kilometers from the provincial capital Palu. Earlier the tsunami was warned but later it was withdrawn. Indonesian National Disaster Agency spokesman Suetopo Pavaru Nagoroho said, “We have advised people to stay away from damaged buildings and go to safer places.” Relief and rescue workers in the most affected cities, Palu and Dongla, have been working hard to reach the earthquake. More than six lakh people live in both cities. Earlier, about 500 people died in the July and August earthquakes on Lombok island of Indonesia.

Meanwhile, the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran has issued a statement expressing condolences to the people who died in the earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia. Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi said that Iran is standing with the government and public of Indonesia in this difficult time and is ready for all types of assistance.

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