This Hero of Indonesian Air Traffic Control saved hundreds, but lost his life

This Hero of Indonesian Air Traffic Control saved hundreds, but lost his life
01 Oct

On Friday, when people escape from the powerful earthquake and tsunami in major cities Palu to Sulvesu islands of Indonesia were around race in search of safer places to save their lives, while a 21-year-old young Air Trofik Kantrotlr to the Land To save the lives of the pilots, they lost their lives.
With the powerful earthquake of 7.7, the island of Sulseesu was shaking and the buildings in Palo City were flying in the air, scattered like a card. The entire staff of the traffic control room of Mutiara Sis Al-Jufri Airport located in the city had left from there to save their lives, while the time was on Baatik Air’s Flight Number 6321 Land.

21-year-old Anthonyius Gunawan Agong was ready to run away from his other colleagues, but after seeing the cracks falling on the runway and thinking of the lives of hundreds of passengers in the plane, his feet got settled there.

When Agang set made to ensure the safe landing of the aircraft and the aircraft had landed on the runway, the quake woke control tower, bringing down another shock, Agang leap from fear of four Minjhla die crushed in the rubble of the building.
In a badly injured situation, he was transported from a helicopter to a hospital, but lost his life on the way to the hero hospital, saving hundreds of lives.

Agung would become 22 years old, and if he was alive he would celebrate his birthday.

Saved Air Traffic Control the hero is said to pay tribute Air Navigation Indonesia spokesman that he killed hundreds of people making a safe landing of the flight, because if they do not have to learn Khtren of hundreds of people, including children and women Species

Air Navigation Indonesian officials have announced their ranks by two-fold to declare them a national hero.

More than 832 people are being killed due to earthquake and tsunami in Sulvesu Island.

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