Adil al-Mehdi to be Iraq’s new prime minister

Adil al-Mehdi to be Iraq’s new prime minister
04 Oct

Within hours of being elected President of Barak Saleh by the Iraqi Parliament, Adil al-Mehdi was named as the new Prime Minister of Iraq and he has also been invited to make the Cabinet.

According to the news agency Tasnim’s report, 76-year-old Adil Abdul-al-Mehdi is related to the Barjawazia family of Iraq. His family has already been active in Iraq’s politics. His father has also been a minister and a member of the parliament in Iraq’s Shah Faisal I. Al-Mehdi has made his academic visit to France, Syria and Lebanon, in his travels he has also studied different ideologies. Adil al-Mehdi has always given importance to nationalism, communism and Islamic ideology in his life and he has done a lot of work in this field.

During the tenure of former Prime Minister of Iraq, he has been in charge of Iraq’s finance minister, while al-Mehdi was the Vice President of Iraq during the time of former President Jalal Taalbani, but shortly after the differences he gave resignation . Now, when Adil Abdul Mehdi is going to take charge of Iraq’s prime minister, there are many challenges in front of him. Firstly, according to the Iraqi constitution, Al-Mehdi has to choose his cabinet within 30 days, which will be presented in Parliament for approval.
In the meantime, experts from the Middle East believe that the selection of President and Prime Minister from the selection of the President of the Parliament in Iraq and after that there was once again the diplomacy of Iran, the strength of America and the heavy burden on Saudi Arabia Is lying. According to the commentators, since the election, the US and Saudi Arabia were consistently in the endeavor to appoint a prime minister in Iraq who could not be closer to Iran but exactly the opposite. In view of the developments that have taken place in Iraq’s politics so far, it can be said that once again America and Saudi Arabia, Iran’s strong diplomacy has created a scourge in front of four people.

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