Israel war criminal: UN agency

Israel war criminal: UN agency
04 Oct

In the cases of illegal Palestinian Palestinians, the United Nations Special Representative Michael Lekk found Israel guilty of war crimes and declared war criminals.

According to the report, Zioni regime has become restless with the latest announcement of Special Representative Michael Lenk in UNO’s Illegal Palestine. Michael Lank said in his report that the Zionist regime on the border of Gaza has condemned the massacre of Palestinian protesters as an open violation of human rights and said that the acts of Israeli soldiers are embarrassing the whole humanity.

Michael Lank has said that Palestinian protesters are not at all threatening to the Zionist regime, but despite this Israeli soldiers are targeting Palestinian demonstrators directly to their bullets, which is causing a large number of Palestinians to be killed and those who die Children and women are also involved in this. He said that the massacre of Palestinians by the Israeli soldiers was an open violation of the Geneva agreement.

Michael Lank has also expressed the hope that during the six months in Gaza, a thorough investigation will be conducted on behalf of the United Nations Commission of Inquiry on the atrocities committed against Palestinians and their genocide, and criminals will be punished for their actions. . It is noteworthy that before this, Michael Lank and Lailani Farha, a special reporter for the housing affairs of the United Nations, in a statement, Zioni ruled about the destruction of the Palestinians’ homes in Khan al-Ahmar, on the west bank of the Jordan River. The court objected strongly to the decision.

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