A journalist missing in Turkey was killed in a consulate in Saudi Arabia: sources

A journalist missing in Turkey was killed in a consulate in Saudi Arabia: sources
07 Oct

In Turkey, the administration says that the famous Saudi journalist Jamal Khashogi is likely to be killed in a consulate in Saudi Arabia in Istanbul, from where he is missing since Tuesday. Khashogi are known for criticizing Saudi Arabia.

2 Turks sources said on Saturday that they think Khashogi has been killed in a consulate inside the British Embassy. One source told the news agency Roitgers that elements at the Saudi consulate had planned to kill Khashogi inside the embassy and took them out of the body after killing them alive.

This formula said without further explaining: “The initial opinion of the Ottoman police is that Mr. Khashogi was killed in the consulate of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul, we think that this was a pre-planned murder and then the body was taken from the consulate is removed.”

Khashogi, who was a vocal critic of the Saudi regime, from 2017 when the Saudi regime started repression to suppress the anti-vowel, living in exile in America itself. He had entered Saudi Consulate in Istanbul to obtain legal documents for his marriage, and his fiancee had been waiting for hours outside the Embassy.

Hours after Khasogi’s disappearance, the consulate officials said that he had left the consulate. Ankara says that there is no proof to prove this claim. However, there are reports of such reports that Khashogi was abducted and taken out of the second gate of Saudi Consulate.
In this file photo, a Saudi journalist Jamal Khashogi talks on mobile at the conference of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland (courtesy AFP)
Lebanese newspaper al-Qaeda says that journalist Khashogi thinks Turk has been taken to Saudi Arabia on the basis of intelligence officers.

The American newspaper Washington Post, which featured an article by Khushiji in the “Global Appenian” section, urgently sought information about their position.

Human rights activists have sought clarification from the Saudi regime on this issue.

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