India will continue to buy oil from Iran

India will continue to buy oil from Iran
08 Oct

Iran and India’s head of joint commerce chamber have said that India will continue to buy oil from Iran without paying attention to US pressure.

According to our correspondent’s report, Ibrahim Jameeli, head of the joint trade chamber of Iran and India, says that some of the oil refineries in India have been made according to Iranian oil.

Mr. Jameeli stressed that India has a lot of pressure on America and Saudi Arabia so that New Delhi could not supply its requirement of oil to Iran.

The head of the Iran-India Joint Commerce Chamber, pointing to the fact that India’s economy is heading for progress, said that if India does not supply oil to its needs, then its economy will be very much harmful. Will be prey.

Mr. Jameeli said that Iran and India are jointly collaborating in different areas including oil and Chabahar port.

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