EU: The big statement given by Germany is the formation of the EU Security Council

EU: The big statement given by Germany is the formation of the EU Security Council
10 Oct

After the formation of President Donald Trump’s government in the US, the US and the EU have increased their differences and differences.

Due to issues like defense matters, role of NATO and Brejitz, EU countries are now seriously considering creation of independent system in the field of defense and security. Efforts are being made to create a separate strong force of Europe, the international strategy of the European Union, and the creation of military and security institutions.

In this process, France and Germany are playing a major role and the efforts of these countries are that the earliest Europe will be fully on its feet in the field of defense and security. In June 2018, France and Germany expressed the need to establish a joint European institution to look at security and foreign affairs. At that time, 9 European countries agreed to create a joint Rapid Action Force.

France’s President, Emmanuel MacCure, said that Europe should not rely on military support in the United States, it is important for Europe to achieve strategic independence in the defense sector. On the other hand, Germany’s Foreign Minister Haiko Mass said in August 2018 that a strong military equation should be ready with mutual consent of European countries and now he made the statement that the Security Council of the European Union should be formed. Mass believes that if this council is formed then it can take action on international crisis immediately and at the right time.

Burlin thinks that in European countries, European countries should adopt a new stance and move on in the direction of passing the majority by consensus rather than consensus because sometimes it is that in some cases the attempt to make a consensus is not successful And then the matter stopped in the middle.

The attitude that Trump has adopted has forced European countries to think seriously. European countries announced in May 2018 that they will strengthen their position in defense and defense matters by the cost of approximately 20 billion euros between 2021 and 2027.

European countries have now come to the conclusion that the time of dependence on the US has passed.

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