Israel will not go back to Golan Heights, Netanyahu

Israel will not go back to Golan Heights, Netanyahu
10 Oct

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that Zaynie’s regime will never go back to the illegal territory of Golan Heights in Syria.

Netanyahu in Golan Heights said that the world community should give formalization to Israel’s possession on this territory.

Israel had captured most of the territory of the Golan Heights area of ​​Syria in 1967, after which it merged the terrain into an illegal territory.

Although the world community has not yet formalized the possession of Israel on Golan Heights and the possession of Zionist rule is considered as illegal occupation.

Similarly, Netanyahu promoting Iranophobia said that Israel will not allow the establishment of Iranian military bases in Syria.

Netanyahu has made this claim in a situation that Iran has no military base in Syria. Iran is giving military consultation only to the Syrian army in the fight against terrorism on the invitation of the Syrian government.

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